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Welcome to our world of Taiko and Shakuhachi music.  We hope you enjoy your visit here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows. If you have just seen one of our shows, you will find some more information on the group and the instruments here. You will find some video and music links as well, so enjoy.

Check out our store for fun things. We also have a lot of videos, photos, and information on Taikoza and the programs that we offer 

Online Flute courses now on Udemy:

We have a Shakuhachi and a Shinobue course now online. You can learn quickly and get the right information for your study. It is important to learn the basics correctly to be able to develop a good sound

Online programs available

Koto and shakuhachi concert

Facebook live from the Japanese consulate residence in NYC


We also have full Taikoza concerts that you can rent or buy on Vimeo on demand- you can support East Winds, Inc by watching the concerts or getting our music or book.

Taikoza at Chautauqua institution

Taikoza at Symphony Space

A sample Sakura duet video for you

More videos and music on YouTube  or on VIMEO

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Japanese Taiko drum and Bamboo Flutes

Come discover the wonderful world that Taikoza creates through sounds and sights. We are passionate about sharing music with audiences of all ages and are very dedicated to educational programs and sharing our passion with students.

Until further notice, the classes are online. You can purchase classes online and contact us at taikoza at gmail .com

Seeing and hearing Taikoza is to experience thunderous sounds like never before. Taikoza is a unique Taiko group that features Taiko drums, Shakuhachi, and Fue in a magical and mind-blowing performance. The raw energy that  Taikoza brings will make you rediscover Taiko and energize your senses. A truly life-changing experience. Nowhere will you find such dedication in bringing you the best in Taiko and bamboo flutes.

The group is led by musical director Marco Lienhard- an international Shakuhachi and Taiko virtuoso. Taikoza is a unique professional Taiko group that blends these instruments into their performance to create a thrilling experience. You will feel energized and renewed after experiencing Taikoza. Marco Lienhard is one of the rare Shakuhachi players in the world that has such range and power, and understanding of the music. It is a unique sound that will touch you deeply and make you discover or rediscover Shakuhachi.

Taikoza has thrilled and entertained audiences of all ages around the world. Come and discover the world of Taikoza. Taiko has the unique power to bring people together. 

 For those interested in booking the group send us an email at taikoza@gmail.com

Over 10 million people (and counting) have streamed our music (Marco Lienhard's sound) on Spotify!

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In-person group taiko lessons: $45 for group lessons Saturdays or Sundays

We are back to in-person classes on-demand with  prepaid reservation

no refund less than 48 hours pay with Venmo or Zelle

We are presently teaching at Funkadelic Studio:

209 W 40th St,5th th floor, New York, NY 10018

Rent has gone up so have our fees

 Group Children/students $35

 Group Adults: $45

 Privates: $80


You can get our new book on  "How to play the Fue",   right here- Learn to Play the Fue 

or go to Amazon to get your copy

 A book on Shakuhachi will come out next year

 For those interested in booking the group, send us an email at taikoza@gmail.com


For a mind-blowing experience of taiko drumming -Don't miss the opportunity to see Taikoza live or make them part of your event. 

Taikoza concert check calendar 

Taikoza concerts this summer in New York are possible thanks to a grant from Ydanis Rodriguez NYC Council Member and public Funds from the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the Immigrant Initiative Grant:

2022/23  concerts see calendar

Get a copy of the music in our store


Here is a sample from a show at the Japan Society

For more info, click on the BIO link   Check our CDs and concerts

For bookings anywhere in the world, contact us at taikoza@gmail.com 

We want to thank the organizations and people that are making our concerts series in NYC possible.

Summer concerts in the NYC parks are possible thanks to grants from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and are made possible in part with funding from the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. LMCC.net

 Past Donors:
The department of cultural affairs of NYC, The Columbia Hospital grant, LMCC, UMEZ, and Ms. Betty Ann Tanimoto, Ms. Cheryl Fong, Ms. Kimiye Touchi, Ms. Shigeko Honda, Mr. Mark F. Goldfield, Ms. Mary E. Hatch,  Ms. Michiko Hayashi, and audiences like you who support our concerts and programs with donations:

DONATE  To East Winds, Inc. to help finance our new programs and concerts, and with your contributions, you can help fund free concerts in the Parks and help us bring free or affordable  School Educational programs to the New York metropolitan area students - schools that cannot afford music programs! Make a difference and help us to bring Taiko and Japanese music to the students! We thank you in advance for your generous gift. 





Online Courses

Inori: Prayer ( Inori CD)

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During this very difficult time in our lives, I want to share some ethereal music to help lift everyone’s spirits. I chose these songs as a form of prayer to bring you some inner peace and hope. Included in this special collection is “Makiri,” my favorite song composed by my teacher Katsuya Yokoyama. In its title and musical phrases, “Makiri” best

During this very difficult time in our lives, I want to share some ethereal music to help lift everyone’s spirits. I chose these songs as a form of prayer to bring you some inner peace and hope. Included in this special collection is “Makiri,” my favorite song composed by my teacher Katsuya Yokoyama. In its title and musical phrases, “Makiri” best expresses our universal need for a literal “musical purification ” to rid hate and suffering in the world. I included many of my favorite traditional musical pieces as well as songs that I composed over the years that I feel will raise our spirits and bring us inner peace and joy. I hope you will enjoy the music that I recorded with the assistance of the late Nobutoshi Sone in Yokohama, Japan at the beautiful Kanagawa Art Hall.

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