Voice of  the Earth

Album Notes
Taikoza has created innovative, fresh musical sounds using the thunderous rhythms of the ancestral Taiko drums and the magical sounds of the bamboo flutes. Roughly translated, Taiko means big drums-and that’s exactly what Taikoza brings: Big Drums, powerful rhythms, and electrifying, room-thumping energy. Taikoza draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance to create a highly visual performance. Marco Lienhard is the musical director and founder of Taikoza and composed and arranged the songs. Taikoza.com and MarcoLienhard.com

1.Tabi no Omoi (Memories of Journeys) 旅の思い by Marco Lienhard
The taiko drums and flutes taken on our tours around the world are vibrating in sympathy with the distinctive local rhythms at each destination.

2. Umi No Koe (Voice Of The Sea) 海の声 by Marco Lienhard 
This song is inspired by the quiet Inland Sea of Japan between the main islands of Honshu and Shikoku.

3. Daichi No Saiten (Celebration of the Earth) 大地の声 by Marco Lienhard
This original composition celebrates the Earth.
4.Daha (Breaking Waves) 打波traditional
A meditation Shakuhachi Honkyoku song from the Dokyoku style. The title literally means breaking waves but can also be interpreted as breaking one’s shell to go deep into one’s soul.

5. Kagura-Kaitoryu 神楽—海東流 arranged by Marco Lienhard
Traditional piece from Tobishima Village in the Nagoya area that uses two drums: a Shime-Daiko and a Nagado-Daiko that incorporates a lot of stick twirling with the left hand. This piece is one of the main themes from the Kaitoryu style taught to M. Lienhard by the late.
The introduction, which is played on a Matsuribue, is inspired from the Fue themes and it is played on a Matsuribue that was made by the late Tsukiboshi Sensei.

6. Kokura 小倉 by Marco Lienhard
The song is inspired by the Kokura Gion Matsuri Festival of Kokura City in Northern Kyushu. 
During the festival, the taiko attached to a small cart is vigorously played by a drummer who walks beside the cart carrying the taiko. Drummers take turns soloing on the taiko as they are cheered (Kakegoe) and accompanied by musicians playing the Chappa (cymbals).

7. Daichi no Koe (Voice of The Earth) 大地の声—大太皷 by Marco Lienhard  
The 6-foot Taiko drum personifies the powerful voice of the Earth: the crashing of the ocean waves, the rumbling of thunder during a storm, etc. The 2.7 Shakuhachi introduces the song with a melody based from the Hokkaido fisherman song: Esashi Oiwake. The Fue is heard through the night as the storm quiets down with the song Sado Okesa.

8.Gezan Bayashi (Mountain descending festival)下山囃子 by Marco Lienhard
This song is inspired from the traditional Japanese coming of age celebration festivals. Upon conclusion of the ceremony at the temple on top of the mountain, the youths return to the village as adults.

9.Minaguchi Bayashi 水口囃子 arranged by Marco Lienhard 
This arrangement is derived from the Minaguchi (or Minakuchi) spring festival in Shiga prefecture whereupon musicians perform enthusiastically on drums and flutes upon floats drawn by villagers through the streets.

Tree Spirit- KODAMA CD - 

Album Notes
Taikoza draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music to create innovative and fresh musical sounds using the thunderous rhythms of the ancestral Taiko drums and the magical sounds of the bamboo flutes performed by Master Marco Lienhard. This CD is dedicated to all his mentor and teachers through the years who shared their passion and love for their instruments.

1.Satsuki(Month of May)五月by Marco Lienhard 
Inspired by the May spring festivals in Japan, this song expresses the vibrant energy of the spring season and the cleansing of bad Spirits through Taiko drumming.
2. Nishi Monai西馬音内- arranged by Marco Lienhard
An arrangement of the festival songs of Nishimonai in Akita Prefecture. During the Nishimonai Bon Dance festival, dancers attired in patchwork kimonos dance in a procession through the narrow streets of the town. In this arrangement of Nishimonai, there is a slow movement Ondo 音頭, and a fast movement Ganke 願化

3. Lullaby of Itsuki/Moon over the Ruined Castle 五木の子守唄/荒城の月- arranged by Marco Lienhard
This medley of two popular Japanese songs is arranged and performed by Marco Lienhard on the Shakuhachi. The second song moon Over the Ruined Castle is composed by Rentaro Taki.

4. Tree Spirit Kodama 木魂-by Marco Lienhard
This song reflects my memories of practicing Taiko and bamboo flutes in the forests of Japan. The music would echo throughout the mountains and valleys, creating a tapestry of sounds that would be carried far away in the distance. Kodama means echo but also means mountain gods or tree spirit: "Kodama" (木魂). 

5. Tamuke手向 traditional Shakuhachi song
A Shakuhachi meditation Honkyoku song played on a 2.7 Shakuhachi flute from the Ise region, Tamuke means putting your hands together in prayer. This song was played as a prayer to the dead.

6. Ohara Bushi 小原節- arranged by Marco Lienhard 
Oharabushi is one of the five well-known folk songs in Japan. This version is from Akita prefecture and tells the story of a hunted deer in the forest.

7. Amadare (Rain Drops) 雨だれ- by M. Lienhard
The first part of Amadare is inspired by Maki Ishii's Monochrome while the second part is derived from the Tama-ire rhythm from Yatai Bayashi, a song performed at the festival in Chichibu.

8. Lullaby of Takeda 竹田の子守唄- arranged by Marco Lienhard
An arrangement of the popular lullaby from Takeda on the Shinobue.

9. Tozan Matsuri (Mountain climbing festival)登山祭 - by Marco Lienhard
Inspired by the traditional festivals in Japan. This song summons the village youths to be led up the mountain (Tozan) for the coming of age ceremony where they become adults.

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