Taikoza concert May 4 and 5

It s been a while  since I wrote on this blog, well,

 It seems our concerts in May are close to being sold out, we added actually some seats to allow for more people to see the shows.

 We have three members of  Hawaii Matsuri Taiko. We are excited to have them perform with us.

Hopefully they will be coming other times in New York , now that Hawaiian air is flying into NYC.

We have a very busy schedule this week. First we are off to Virginia for some educational school programs. Wednesday night, we have a corporate show in the Hyatt in Jersey City.

Thursday night we are rehearsing and loading in for Friday and Saturday with the Hawaiian group. It should be a great run.

 We have some exctiing new compostions and rearrangements of some of the pieces and also a new dance from Tohoku.

We hope that you will enjoy the program, if you live in New York.


DJ SOL new CD with MArco on Shakuhachi

Check out the DJ SOL new  preview of CD with Marco on Shakuhachi

New Website

I am working on updating this website I hopefully I will be able to add more info and blogs soon.

I am still working on buttons and widgets. God this is time consuming.

 any help would be welcome....

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